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There is a wealth of opportunities in the world of information technology. Data Phases is here to help you tap into it.

With our experienced staff and well-established affiliates and partners, we can tackle any data-driven problem, and give you a cost effective solution that meets the needs of your business.

Data is part of any enterprise solution, and we know that to harness its power, you need the right partner. The right partner is Data Phases.


Microsoft Enterprise Solutions


For over a decade we have been servicing clients and creating applications that scale with organizational growth. Data Phases stable of talent has served many clients in several industries over the past decade and continue to provide excellent, quality solutions that meet organizations budgetary needs. We focus on providing Web, Desktop and Database solutions.

  • Web Platform Development

    Data Phases builds web applications tailored to your specific business requirements. Having a web presence gives you the ability to allow your clients to interact from any part of the world with your systems. Let us help you reach your full potential.

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  • Desktop Platform Development

    Data Phases has over 12 years of experience building application to suit your enterprise. Desktop applications are built strictly for internal use or meant to be installed on one or multiple desktop computers. Our expertise in desktop development is sure to give you an edge in automating and streamlining your business.

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  • Database Platform Development

    Data is an asset to any organization and should be structured in a way that promotes the businesses growth and has the analytics and data to support key decisions. We will build a relational database for real-time access to your business or for the reporting and analysis of key performance indicators which are defined by your business. One version of the truth is what we are all after; let us help you obtain it.

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With our expertise in Microsoft Technologies, we can help your organization achieve its goals by providing robust technological solutions that meet the specific needs of your business. We take pride in delivering value at every phase of your project. Data Phases build solutions using the following technologies:

  • Silverlight
  • RIA
  • AJAX
  • SQL Server
  • SQL Server with Business Intelligence
  • WPF
  • WCF
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Contact Info:

PO Box 1166
Cedar Hill, Texas 75106


Data Phases Client Highlights:

  • Starling Resource Group
  • Center For Therapeutic Change
  • DV Anesthesia
  • Central Pointe Church of Christ

Our talented staff of data experts has consulted on many projects for major companies in the financial, non-profit, retail, and professional services industries. Staff experience includes American Heart Association, Sterling Commerce, Brinks and Citicard just to name a few.

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